If there is more than one font section present, NovaFonts allows you to sort and organize them. To sort your fonts go to Appearance → Customize and click on the Nova Fonts panel. There, below the font sections you will find a link saying Reorder. If you click that link you enable the sorting functionality and the link text changes from Reorder to Done. At the same time the font sections become draggable and reveal up and down arrows that can be clicked to move fonts up and down. Once you are satisfied with the order your fonts are in click the Done link at the bottom of the panel to switch back to using the font settings.

Note: For your changes to become permanent, you will have to hit the Publish button at the top of the customizer.

Note: If you happen to have two font sections that have the same CSS selector the font section that is located lower will take precedence over the one higher up in the list of font sections. That’s because NovaFonts renders your font styles in the order that they appear within the customizer.