Note: NovaFonts allows theme authors to embed the plugin within a theme they intend to sell. Free themes and plugins are not allowed to embed the plugin. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page to learn more.

Below are two ways you can embed NovaFonts within your theme.

Plugin Activation Class (TGMPA)

This is our recommended approach because it’s clear to admins and developers what is running on the site without having to look under the hood and deciphering what’s what. TGMPA is free, well-documented, has been around for a long time, receives regular updates and is the go-to for most developers when it comes to bundling plugins with themes.

PHP Include

This option comes in handy if you’d like to hide the plugin from the WP admin area. All that is needed is for you to include or require the plugin via PHP. 

include_once get_template_directory().'/nova-fonts/nova-fonts.php';

The two things worth noting when using this approach are a) if a user installs another copy of NovaFonts the plugin, the installed plugin will take precedence over the plugin you embedded within your theme and b) your filters and functions will still take effect unless the user overrides them.